TikTok for PC Windows [Laptop/Desktop], Mac [MacBook Air/Pro]

TikTok for PC Windows 7 Download. TikTok is an Andriod app for creating and sharing short lip-sync and Funny videos. ByteDance developed the app and released it in 2017. With the TikTok application, teenagers can express themselves through dancing, singing, and lip-syncing. The application includes features such as uploading videos directly, duet videos, a slideshow maker, video recording, and a highly functional video editor.

TikTok is very popular in Asia, the United States, and all around the world. The application is available in 75 languages and has over 100 million users with more than one billion videos viewed every day.  Just like with Android devices, you can now download TikTok for PC windows (10,8,7) & Mac with the help of an Android Emulator. Check out our recent post where we explained how to install Line for PC

TikTok for PC

App Overview

The TikTok Mobile application allows users to create short videos with background music. Among the tools of the app is the ability to record a 15 second or 60-second video with speed adjustment features available before uploading. You can share videos with the community on TikTok or other social media platforms. Furthermore, you can also choose background music from a large variety of music genres, and edit videos with filters.

TikTok Features

An amazing feature of TikTok is “Duet”, which allows users to make videos alongside another video. Most users want to set privacy on their account so the application allows you to set an account to “private”. You can interact with friends on TikTok via comments, messages,  and “react” or “duet” videos. Users can also set their accounts as “public”, “friends” or private.

The “For you” Feature on TikTok is a feed of recommended videos based on viewing preferences. You can also save videos of other users. Additionally, the app allows you to add videos, hashtags, filters, and sounds in your “saved” section. Users can create a unique collection by embedding the memories in the form of videos with the TikTok application. Using the app is easy and your can also share in a community or social circles. Now, it’s even possible to download TikTok for Laptop and use it like you would on mobile.

Another creative feature of this application is “Lip-Syncing”. Normally, it is quite difficult to make lip-sync videos that match with movements in the editing process. Trying to do this takes a lot of time in other apps but using TikTok you can do it in few minutes. This tool is much simpler and attractive for users who want to watch TikTok videos on PC.

Is TikTok safe for kids?

TikTok administration quickly removes videos that contain any sort of adult content. But videos that contain abusive language are allowed on the platform. In simple words, vulgar videos are removed immediately but abusive audio can’t be until someone reports it. So it’s 50/50 in terms of whether TikTok is safe for kids or not. However, it is a lot safer than other apps. Instagram for PC is the best example of a service that is “Not safe for Kids”.

Download & Install TikTok for PC

All you have to do to download TikTok for PC is to use an android emulator. You can download the BlueStacks Android emulator via its official Website.

Once you have downloaded BlueStacks, you have to install and configure the tool in order to start using it on your PC. You will require a Gmail ID in order to use Google Play and install Android apps on PC through the emulator.

Install TikTok on PC

Once BlueStacks is installed on your PC, it’s time to install TikTok on your PC or Laptop. Open BlueStacks and head over to the search bar. Type in TikTok and hit enter.

On the next page, click on the Install button and grant permissions if asked. Now you have to wait for the download to be finished. This will take a few seconds, but once it is done you can find TikTok in the My Apps tab. Click on its icon to start using it.


How do I install Tik Tok app on my PC?

There are many apps that are available for multiple operating systems. TikTok is designed for iOS and Android devices only. Honestly, TiKTok on PC is not ideal for making videos, but watching videos on Tik Tok for PC is awesome. You get maximum entertainment from the large-screen format of a computer.

Can you watch Tik Tok on PC?

Yes, you can watch TikTok Videos on PC. You just need to follow the guide we have written above. Windows and Mac users can enjoy TikTok videos once the app is installed on PC. You can’t do it directly so you need an Android emulator. We are using BlueStacks to run TikTok on PC. However, there are other emulators available that perform the same function.

Is musica.ly shutting down?

Music.ly has already closed or more accurately has been merged with TikTok, so the app is not available anymore. Of course, because features have been folded into TikTok, you can still get all the functionality of music.ly.

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