DU Recorder for PC, Windows 10 & Mac

DU Screen Recorder for PC Download. It is one of the best high-quality screen recorders for Smartphones. Using this app you can easily record the screen of your Smartphone in HD quality. It comes with a variety of features such as video recorder, video editor, screen recording, etc. DU Recorder for Laptop let users record video calls, gameplay, live shows or anything.DU Recorder for PC

Screen Recording 

DU Recorder ios app provides a stable and smooth video recording. Most YouTubers are using this app for gaming. With this app, you can easily record gameplay in the form of videos. All recorded videos are in HD quality. I am also a regular user of this app. I often record live programs on apps like Bigo Live, Periscope, etc. Screen recorder in DU app includes features such as resolutions, play/pause recording, shake the device to stop recording, enable both front and back camera, Record sound and much more.

Video Editor

This application also allows users to edit their video and make them look beautiful. Trim or remove any part of the video. Moreover, you can merge multiple videos into one. Also, add background music and adjust the volume level. Another exciting feature related to video editing is that users can add text or subtitles. Change the speed of the video, Convert Video into GIF, Rotate video and much more. Get more info on DU Recorder site.

Live Broadcast

Using this app you can enjoy live broadcast to popular apps such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch, etc. If you are a gaming lover then show the world how to good are you in the app. Show your skills and abilities. When you come live through DU Recorder app you will receive live audience comments. The best part about live streaming is that you can use both the front and back cam. If you are using Public WiFi hotspot then it is recommended to use VPN for PC. For best results try Snap VPN for PC Windows and Mac OS.

How Do I Record My Screen with Windows 10?

There are many software available which help you record the screen of Windows PC. Other than Windows software you can now run Android software as well. With the help of the Android Emulator, you can run DU Recorder for PC. It means you can now use DU Recorder for Windows 10 to record screen.

How do I record a Video on My Laptop Windows 7?

Just like Windows 10, you can install DU Recorder for Windows 7 as well. Other than Microsoft Screen Recorder Windows 7, If you want to record screen on your Laptop Windows 7 then this is the best app.  By using DU Recorder for PC 32 bit and DU Recorder for PC 64 bit you can now record gameplay, YouTube videos, live streaming, video calls and much more.

How to Download DU Recorder for PC, Windows 10 & Mac?

In order to download the DU recorder on your PC or Mac, you will need an iOs emulator. We will use iPadian for this tutorial. Then, sync in your iOs account, download and install DU Recorder from the App Store, and finally, open DU Recorder via the iOs emulator’s environment.

Check the step by step process below:

Step 1: First, download and install iPadian. Follow the instructions on the screen for installation.

Step 2: Launch iPadian and click on the App Store

Step 3: You will open the Apple App Store and use it as you do in your iphone. So there search for DU recorder

Step 4: Click to download and install the DU Recorder App

Step 5: Once the DU Recorder is installed on your PC. You can access it using iPadian

Note: Ipadian is a paid emulator you can search for free iOs emulators, the process will be similar.


In the following section you can find all of the frequently asked questions about the DU Recorder app for PC. Topics include PC use, costs, safety, as well as overall quality. Read on to find out more about the DU Recorder app!

Can I Use DU Recorder for PC?

Yes! Despite the DU Recorder app being an iOS application, you CAN use this app on PC. You will need an iOS emulator, as well as access to your Apple ID information. Not to mention following the steps of this helpful download guide.

Is DU Record for PC Free?

DU Recorder is free to download. However, there is access to premium features with a subscription. All in all, prices vary depending upon your desired tool kits. Anywhere from $2.99 to $59.99 worth of in-app purchases.

Is DU Recorder for PC Safe to Use?

DU Recorder is safe to use. Unless you are posting videos of your personal information on social media, as well as websites like YouTube. Other than that, it is very safe.

Can I Use DU Recorder for High-Quality Streaming?

Yes. You can easily record high-quality videos using the DU Recorder app to post online for streaming purposes. Not to mention you have the option to use DU Recorder for live streaming posts as well.

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